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The American Dream…

Like so many West Coast new-comers, theatre-school-trained actor and performer, Ben Fernebok arrived in Los Angeles in 2010 with just a few dollars and big dream!

Ben had previously worked in a traditional ice-cream company on the East Coast, and despite having fallen in love with the genuine happiness that working with ice cream exposed him to, Ben still had a longing for a life on the stage. 

One day, soon after arriving in LA, he had a life-changing epiphany!

Whilst filling in a little time between auditions and roles, Ben employed his talent for entertainment with table-side performances, mixing frozen cocktails at a high-end Hollywood restaurant. One evening while the customers were applauding and whooping, the idea to combine his love of entertaining with his years of ice cream production know-how, to create the original nitro-artisan ice cream show was born!

Moving back in with his folks, Ben perfected his recipes and threw every last cent he owned to launch Supercool Creamery at a local farmers market in 2011. It wasn’t long before his unique hand-made nitro ice cream was ‘discovered’ and the commissions to perform and cater A-list events started to mount up!

Since then Ben has trained a company of performers and developed a range of show formats and frozen treats. Without any PR or social media, Supercool Creamery has grown into a million dollar business entertaining guests for global brands such as Disney or Universal and private individuals with celebrations of all occasions!

With the launch of the Supercool Creamery Ice Cream Parlour at LA’s historic Vista movie theatre, the show is now available for everyone to experience; the unique ice cream is available for everyone to enjoy; and the American dream lives on!