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Created to add energy, entertainment and excitement to any event. Whatever the occasion, make it a Supercool celebration!  Below are our most popular event catering services. If you would like to know more or discuss a custom service or 'Nitro-Artisan performance', please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

SUPERCOOL Ice Cream 2.jpg


Choose 4 flavors from our menu or ask us to devise a custom creation just for you. Guests watch in awe as our Supercool performers whip up fresh scoops right before their eyes. 

We don’t need freezers or machines - it’s all made by hand! We provide all the serving accessories, staff and set-up, so you can relax and enjoy a Supercool celebration!




For that little extra extravagance choose our self-service Sundae Toppings Bar for your guests to garnish and decorate their artisanal creations. Featuring 16 toppings, 2 sauces, whipped cream and the cherry on top!


Frozen Cocktail 2.jpg


A frozen drink that never waters down? Yes! It’s true, we have created an amazing selection of blended beverages with no added water or ice. All created right before your eyes with elegant garnishes to match your theme. It’s a show, it’s craft cocktails on another level.


Trolly Cart.jpg

roaming service carts

For table-side service seated events, or roaming around your venue delighting guests with hand made Nitro-Artisan ice cream. Right before your eyes!


Dragon's Breath 2.jpg


This photo experience is a great hashtag moment. Guests chew the refreshing frozen corn puffs with mouths closed and breath smoke out of their nose! We include a mirror so guests can watch their own smoke fly.